you probably have heard it or read it before

Sunday, November 30, 2008

"LIFEWITHOUTME" a new russian film directed by joseph john piece of waste.

another horrid day in the night of joseph john.

what to do with myself?

the majority of all people are completely inadequate to even communicate with.

the majority of the people I communicate with are inadequate to me.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

shake rattle and roll.

Joseph Sledgianowski
7:57 PM
8:00 PM

i hate today
8:01 PM

it all started because i cannot drink grapefruit juice
8:01 PM

yeah i have epilepsy
8:01 PM

yeah i have to take wonder drugs
8:02 PM

yeah these drugs cause reactions with of all things grapefruit and grapefruit juice.
8:02 PM

i bet these drugs dont even work
8:03 PM

convincing people
8:03 PM

what a wonderful job.
8:03 PM

pump them full of saline then tell them to take that wonder placebo.
8:04 PM

gloreous life i live.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm now living in New Jersey. What an interesting and often boring situation. I moved down here.... 

My depression hit a nice point tonight. such an awkward situation I guess I allowed myself to be brought into. A party of eccentric children, I believe I was the only sober person there.
I saw 3- 5 people I actually wanted or could feel comfortable around. Just wondering around, staring off into the void of worthless them.  I am the follower I needed a latch, my care was below all of them's recognition. No worry. 

It is so interesting this grapevine as some call it how the secondhand information revolving, weaving in, in and out. Does it feel good? Molest collection felt me the need doesn't and I hear this ignorance,  just profusely augment Joseph John Sledgianowski's disdain. Fucked. Go to it and speak. I know. Come on this is it, it is exactly what I am saying, what this is that I am exactly saying says it on and on it I am it.  

rationally grounded commonsense. All that is implied and outspoken that I eventually welcome, entertain, - idealism. Thank you.


who reads this? 
i'm interested. 
can you comment and tell me?
i would be happy to find out.