you probably have heard it or read it before

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


bad weekend.

good performances.

good people.

bad news.

good books.

good tapes.

all i want to say.

the past stays with you. you can't forget all of your memories.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bohemian Fair Lawn, NJ.

oh the homeland.

dancing princesses...?



Along with all of the ridiculous projects and ideas floating around in my head, which I am often very reluctant to or will not at all share with other people (at least not in full detail) because of some fear my ideas will be 'copied' or 'criticized?' (?) and I get all nervous and afraid I won't be unique... shit I'm rambling again.

Well anyway I was trying
to say I'm going to try to get a Record Lathe. "record cutter" to cut my own records... but I'll be experimenting with cutting and making different objects with it. yes.
I also just found an old Earth Sound Research - Stagemaster 2000 PA system through craigslist for $25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! right?! I wonder if its working. I'm picking it up tomorrow. For some reason I love Earth gear. My vertical 4 x 10 cabs were Earth also.

damn I wish the composition box when you are actually typing writing fucking making a post wasn't so fucking small. its so hard to use. damn. ugh.

In other sound related news I should be finished with the next EUU tape within the month. Side A is 1 long track of very low, slow moving, drone with some movement intersection. I will describt it a bit more indepth when I'm not falling asleep. Side B will be (not finished yet) a large experiment of analog tape, cutting, voice, analog delay loops, records, handcut records and externalization and encapsulation of the self. Packaging still undetermined.

-I just asked Crank Sturgeon if he wanted to work together on a project in the not toooo distant future.
-Nathan and I will be collaborating sometime in the future probably.
-I will eventually be getting to releasing a tape of his solo synth work on YOUDONTLIKEIT.
-When David gets back from Berlin I'm going to talk to him about the same.
-Stefan also...
-Anddd I will be trying to play more I people wanna drive me. haa.

life in nj. what can i say?

I have not posted in a bit again. I am slacking and keeping myself busy with a lot of other interesting things.

This past week...
Hanging out with Kay, experiencing the amazing rambling of her mom, and helping her move into Bushwick.

Kay buying me rabbit and lamb sausage at a nice restaurant by her apartment.

New records- Panicsville/Inflatable Alterboys  split 12"; a fucking 2 minute long Bloodyminded cd (kinda bummed on it being 2 minutes long); 2 black metal cassettes, can't remember the names because they are ridiculous and I'm taking a shit right now.

New glasses that are rather large. Graphite frame. Old man. Blind.

umm thats all thats good.

I got rejected from the performance event coming up this sunday (everyone should go anyways because it will be awesome and I'm still going regardless to watch)

I locked myself out of Kay's apartment at 4am while drunk to smoke a cigarette and she was asleep. I didn't have my phone or anything on me and she wouldn't respond to me banging on her window. I sat there for about an hour, hour & 1/2? Kinda sucked. I actually went across the street to the corner store and called her from the guy behind the counter's phone about 10 times (and bought another beer) and she didn't pick up.  Finally after banging the window for 5 minutes, after the approximate 1.5 hours was over, she answered... 

I think I have the worst luck ever? 

I also threw up from looking at my dog's food while feeding him about 5 minutes after taking my medicine today and I semi-freaked out and called my doctor trying to asked about taking more medicine or not but there was no answer. I took some more anyway.


what a life.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Its 3:30 am. I'm going to drink orange juice and finally send it my proposal to Siri about the performance event in brooklyn coming up in a few weeks.

I just went to see a film in the theaters called "Slumdog Millionaire" I think.    A bit depressing yet had some funny parts also. I would recommend it to everyone. (unless you hate foreign films for some ridiculous reason)

My cellphone is becoming more and more dramatic by the hour and it acting like such a priss. It developing human characteristics towards me and my then interaction with others.


Had a shitty weekend aside for hanging out with Wes and Sean and Wyatt and Riad and John and Bekim in the van back from Boston.  We defined the new term 'playing basketball'.

dfsd;d;d;fgdn;jfdn;jfdjndfndf.   the yelow paper is nice.  my jigsaw puzzle is almost done.

OH!  Jess and Nathan gave me a reel to reel tape machine so now I have 4! Its a Tascam 22-4 I believe.   

So that is good. Haven't used it yet. I Have a very nice project planned for it.